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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

yeah yeah, rip

  • Alpha: I've never heard of this person. RIP I guess.
  • Delta: Thanks for contributing. I'm sure your eulogy will sound exactly like this.
Monday, November 28, 2011

i think that for the first time, be it either fleeting or otherwise, i experienced a real and unmistakable bout of depression, despair, something generally unpleasant, like hopelessness. i don’t know if it’s an overblown anxiety issue with my job [oh christ i begin wednesday] or just disillusionment with the world. i feel compelled to chronicle my thoughts here but [despite the obviously untrue nature of the statement] it feels too much like talking to myself. typing to myself. whatever.

i’ll leave it at that, since going on about myself doesn’t sound appealing right now. all i can really say was that well, that was interesting. is interesting?

i hope it doesn’t come back, i’ve got enough to mope about if i wanted to sit around and mope.

Friday, November 25, 2011


and i see it’s been busy now hasn’t it

actually the only thing i’ve been doing the last week or so is recipe collecting/cooking/baking/observing ows movements and getting ready for my job. i’ll make a conscious effort to stop by here and throw up something interesting/that i have read/observed

i don’t mean to be a boring git it’s just kind of a thing that happens :\

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


oh right this thing’s today

welp time to sit back and order my tickets to “not this fucking country”istan.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


hell yea h im ade a post

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sexual Identity and Heavenly Bodies: A Thesis

As humanity discovers more and more about the universe it inhabits, it is presented with a series of very fundamental questions about the world presented in front of it, and has developed an extraordinarily complex and efficient way to continually push the limits of their knowledge. A question that has eluded most professional scientists for quite some time however is the possibility that these massive planets, galaxy-spanning nebulae, distant constellations and micrometeorites may very well fall neatly into the categories outlined in modern notions of sexual identity and orientation. An absurd proposition to some, but independently funded scientists and psychologists are beginning to piece together a consistent nature between transgenderism and the alignment of planets, and their fundamental connectedness to

hang on a second i’m getting a phone call

badassadorable said: Oi. Don't use the word 'gay' in an insulting fashion!

either say “okay, sorry cousin” or write a thesis paper about the sexual orientation of a planet


or if you want to be a real asshole, the inverse also holds water.

or if you want to be a real asshole, the inverse also holds water.

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tumblr is eating all my letters oh no letters COME BACK

fuckin letters

Anyways, in the twilight hours [more like weeks] before I start my illustrious career of picking up other people’s slack, I’ve started to get a little more forward in things. No longer feeling like I’m in some kind of inescapable doldrums helps things a little, I’ve come to realize. Accepting the fact that “serious” and “me” will likely never see eye to eye also plays a role in this, somewhere. I did this prior to now but for whatever reason it’s finally starting to feel official.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading this [rather re-reading it, as upon discovering it it all began to seem very familiar]. Seeing as how I’m in the midst of one creative project [a game] and in the throes of scheming up another [some kind of insane personalized gadgetry], it’s a little refreshing to look it over again and think about what it is I’m doing, and even how I’m acting.

So a lot of crazy shit will come out of this next year or so, and I’m pretty damn excited. I’m doing.

did i seriously  just fucking post without linking to a thing i meant to link to HOLY HELL fixed